YouTube Live Now Available To All Users With 1000+ Subscribers |


The ability to stream live from YouTube is now available to a much larger group of users. YouTube announced that as of Wednesday, May 15th, users who have over 1,000 registered subscribers to their channels will have access to YouTube Live—a service which was first launched for beta testing about 2 years ago, but which has not previously been accessible to a wide audience.

With the changes effective already, any user with a significant number of subscribers can now stream live video to be broadcast to their viewers. Fans can watch the live stream on any device that has access to YouTube. Until now, the option to broadcast content in real-time was only made possible for specially selected partner accounts or developers of video games.

YouTube Live will provide an entirely new set of opportunities for YouTube channels and personalities to connect with their fans. Rather than constantly uploading new videos to a channel, users with over 1,000 subscribers can now plan to schedule live streaming events or specials that their viewers can watch and respond to in real-time.

Eligible users should be able to stream from multiple camera angles and also allows viewers to skip to different parts of the broadcast as it’s streaming; to check whether an account has been granted access to YouTube Live, users simply look at their Account Features page. Checking box with the option to enable Live applies the channel creator for the new feature.

Some partner accounts already have access to paid live-streaming abilities, such as pay-per-view options and paid subscriptions. However, it is not yet certain whether the new expansion will offer these features to all accounts with over 1,000 subscribers.

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