WWDC Rumours Abound: What Does Apple Have In Store? |


Apple’s highly anticipated, annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is almost upon us, and there are tons of rumours floating around just waiting to be confirmed or squashed. The conference is schedule to begin with a keynote speech on Monday, June 10th at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. So what can we expect Apple to unveil next week? Here are a few samples of what might be in store:

News For Mobile: iOS 7

Apple has already promised to release a new version of iOS and OS X, so WWDC will likely receive the very first peak at what the new software has to offer. The keynote will likely discuss the updates and changes made to the OS, which will include revealing the details of the new ‘flat design’ and visual makeover propelled by designer Jony Ive. Other rumoured updates include further integration with social networks, Airdrop file sharing, and better vehicle integration of Siri and Maps.

Developers attending WWDC may be lucky enough to receive access to iOS 7 before the public so they can begin creating new apps and test out the OS themselves.

News For Mac: OS X 10.9 

So far, Apple has not made any official announcements to the public regarding an upcoming version of its operating system for Mac. However, rumoured updates for Apple’s Mac OS include improvements to Safari, Finder, and support for multiple monitors; as well as potential use of Siri and Maps integration for the OS.

Other Rumours: “iRadio”

There has been a long time rumour that Apple is developing a service for streaming radio, but nothing has yet been confirmed. MacRumours noted that Apple was reportedly struggling to strike a deal with major record labels and publishers, causing huge delays in its radio streaming project, which has been unofficially named “iRadio”. Some reports suggest that Apple has worked out some of the kinks and will be unveiling the service at WWDC next week.

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