Wunderlist To Launch Paid Version For Businesses –


European-based app developer 6Wunderkinder is making a move to appeal to businesses with a professional version of the already insanely popular Wunderlist app. Wunderlist currently has over 9 million app downloads and counting, but expanding to offer up a new product to attract even more of the mobile and tablet market. The app is slated to be released next week.

The German company faces an ever-growing competition pool from other similar apps that are geared towards improving the user’s productivity and providing convenient and organized calendaring. However, the upcoming Wunderlist Pro will operate on a subscription model and be aimed small businesses. The main tasks the service will assist with are task management as well as collaboration; another way the app is designed to help businesses is through increased security.

According to 6Wunderkin’s CEO Christian Reber, the pricing plan will be $4.99 per month or $44.99 for a full year’s subscription. These numbers place Wunderlist Pro in line with similar services from their competitor Evernote, such as Evernote Business and Evernote Premium. The basic app will still be free to download.

The current Wunderlist app is free for any user to download, which is part of its popularity. It’s a useful tool to help manage your tasks and to-do lists on your phone, tablet or computer device, and the app connects to your Google Calendar. 6Wunderkin prides itself on designing simple, user-friendly products.

Currently, the app is available for iOS, Android and the web, but the company hopes to launch a Blackberry version as well as a Windows Phone rendition in the near future.

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