Twitter Quickly Reverses Policy That Allowed Stalkers To Follow Users Who Block Them –



Twitter recently introduced a new policy that allowed stalkers to access to view and follow the users who blocked them. Although this seems completely illogical—what good is blocking another user if they can still view and interact with your account?—Twitter assured the concerned public that they had a perfectly valid rationale behind the decision. Twitter claimed the new policy was designed as a means protect users who want to block certain people from any type of retaliation.

What does that mean exactly? Twitter wanted to make blocking more discreet so that none of the users who were blocked became offended to the point of seeking offline revenge or harassing the user who blocked them through other social media channels. The policy allowed blocked users to read, retweet and even favourite tweets by the accounts that wanted to block them.

As expected, Twitter did not receive positive feedback for its new policy, which was introduced Thursday. Critics pointed out the redundancy of having the option to block someone without being able to restrict their interactions with your account. So, in response to the extremely negative reactions towards their new policy, Twitter revoked the changes on the same day they were implemented.

“Earlier today, we made a change to the way the ‘block’ function of Twitter works,” said Twitter’s Michael Sippey on the company’s blog. “We have decided to revert the change after receiving feedback from many users. We never want to introduce features at the cost of users feeling less safe. Any blocks you had previously instituted are still in effect.”

With the old policy restored, Twitter users are once again capable of blocking certain following from reading their tweets and the social media company can breathe again after a day of mass criticism.

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