Tesla Model E To Be Unveiled At 2015 Detroit Auto Show |



A brand new affordable offering from Tesla, unofficially dubbed the Tesla Model E, has been slated for a 2015 unveiling. Although we’ve still got more than a year to wait before the highly anticipated electric vehicle hits the market, the Model E is creating quite the buzz and is the source of great speculation.

The car company’s chief designer, Mr. Franz von Holzhauzen, revealed during a recent interview that the Model E is likely to be unveiled at the 2015 North American International Auto Show, which is held in Detroit.

Part of what makes the vehicle so interesting to the average driver is that, unlike most electric cars on the market, the Model E is to be set at a price point that is actually within reach for modern American families. A popular rumour puts the price around $35,000 pre-tax credit; which means the actual cost to buyers would be closer to $30,000.

With an attractive price tag making the Model E attainable by the masses, Tesla’s upcoming vehicle could be the catalyst that finally lands electric vehicles into the average American driveway. However, Tesla’s Elon Musk has not said much on the subject of expected mileage for the Model E, although speculation suggests a real-world driving range of 200 miles might be in the works.

But before the public ever catches a glimpse of the Model E, Tesla is launching another vehicle, the Model X, in 2014. Unfortunately, the Model X will not be as affordable as the Model E, or the Model S for that matter. A luxury SUV, the Model X is expected to sell for around $75,000. We’ll likely hear plenty more about the Model X as its launch date approaches, and we probably won’t get any details on the more affordable Model E until Tesla has finished marketing the SUV.

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