Samsung Attempts To Hush S4 Use Whose Device Caught Fire |

Samsung is experiencing the heat this week following the emergence of an alarming video in which a Galaxy S4 user shows off his singed phone and charger, which allegedly caught fire one night while he was sleeping. Under the YouTube moniker GhostlyRich, the user posted a video online as evidence and “proof for Samsung” that his mobile device had indeed caught fire and was damaged by the flames.

The first uploaded video, which appeared on GhostlyRich’s YouTube channel on December 2nd, shows that both the charger and port on the Galaxy S4 were damaged in the fire. The user goes on to explain that while the phone was charging one night, it caught fire at the base where it was plugged into the charger. He quickly rushed into the room, following “the smell of smoke and fire and destruction”.

On the bright side, the battery did not explode when the device caught fire, but there are clear signs of damage and a burnt bubble on the phone near the charging port. The user’s Galaxy S4 can no longer be charged due to the damage, and is essentially useless. The device in question is still under warranty, suggesting that Samsung would simply replace the phone and apologize to GhostlyRich for the horrible inconvenience.

Although it’s never good news when a device goes rouge and catches fire while its owner soundly sleeps, perhaps the worst part of this ordeal is the way in which Samsung reacted. The Korean tech company first attempted to have the incriminating video removed from the internet and then sent a ‘hush’ document to GhostlyRich—a nightmare waiting to happen for Samsung’s PR team.

Samsung sent the user a notice stating that they would only replace his defective S4 once he removed the video evidence of the calamity from YouTube. Of course, Samsung’s refusal to comply with their own warranty has attracted more interested to this story and more views to the user’s original YouTube video.

The video posted above is a second clip uploaded by GhostlyRich, in which he explains the incident in further detail and discusses Samsung’s attempt to silence him.

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