Instagram Wants To ‘Share A Moment’ At Mysterious December Event |


It seems that Instagram is planning a mysterious media event for next week and no one is quite sure about what the company’s intentions are. The image-based social network sent out invites to various members of the media for an event on December 12th in New York City with little instruction other than to come “share a moment” with Kevin Systrom.

Although it’s unclear as to what Instagram’s upcoming event will entail, but rumours have been sparked by the medium in which invitations were distributed. Instagram printed and stamped letters addressed to its various invitees, opting for an old fashioned approach to party hosting that has raised some eyebrows. The use of physical paper for the invites has raised questions of whether Instagram plans to expand its business from purely digital to include print.

But not all of the invites were sent out on paper; others were printed onto blocks of wood with a hanger for placing them on a wall. It’s possible that Instagram is hinting at a future endeavor into the world of print media, which seems strange considering the digital nature of the company. Whether this is meaningless speculation or a spot-on hypothesis will not be revealed until the event takes place.

There are already several companies that do business by pigging backing off the popularity of Instagram, transferring its digital images to more tangible formats. Various services exist that print Instagram pictures onto materials such as wood, glass and canvas (there’s even a service that will transfer Instagram uploads to marshmallows!). However, Instagram itself has yet to get in on this game.

Christmas is fast approaching, so an introduction of photo printing could function as an attempt for Instagram to capitalize on the sense of tradition present during the holidays.

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