GEAR4 Renew SleepClock introduced –


Getting enough sleep is crucial to everyone in order to perform efficiently throughout the day, regardless of one’s age (as the amount of optimal sleep required is determined by one’s age), and since we live in an age that loves to quantify everything, here is GEAR4′s Renew SleepClock – a device that is capable of measuring your sleep to help you wake up on the right side of the bed each morning. Touted to be a “life-changing application”, the Renew SleepClock will let you track and manage your sleep from your iPod, iPhone or iPad. It educates one on sleep efficiency, helping you understand and adjust your sleep habits so that you are then able to chart out your sleep data over time in order to sleep better (not necessarily longer though).

GEAR4 teamed up with world-leading sleep technology experts in order to deliver what used to be the domain of the medical field to your bedroom in the form of the Renew SleepClock, and is touted to be the only accurate sleep monitor which is completely discreet, meaning there is no need to wear fancy wristbands, headbands, wires or accessories, making me wonder just what kind of sorcery is employed to get an accurate reading. It basically “knows” when you are asleep, and is capable of sensing whether you’re in light or deep sleep. Heck, it is even aware should you leave your bed during the night. Expect the Renew SleepClock to hit the market in March this year at $199.95 each.

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