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Apple finally launched iOS 7 on Wednesday, giving the public access to the company’s new mobile operating system that everyone with the developer’s preview has been raving about. There are some really obvious visible differences that you’ll notice immediately between iOS 7 and previous versions of iOS, but there are also a number of more subtle changes and upgrades that you might miss if you don’t know what to look for. Let’s look at some of the more exciting of the new features:

New Control Centre

Accessible from any screen, simply swipe upwards to view the control panel that allows you to adjust the brightness, music, connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Apple has made it much easier to access the Control Centre and users can even do some from a locked screen.

Swiping Gestures

iOS 7 makes use of simple gestures like swiping to make using Apple devices a smoother experience. Double clicking the home button will still show you which apps are open, but now you can simply swipe upwards on the icon to close any of the apps.

Swiping down from the home screen gives you instant access to the search function, also simplifying that process.

Native Flashlight

You no longer have to download a flashlight app to use your iPhone as a torch; iOS 7 includes a standard flashlight function that is accessed through the control centre.

And More

From Apple AirDrop which enables sharing via Bluetooth, to the ability to store user passwords, iOS 7 has quite a few more secrets in store. So even if you don’t plan on purchasing the new iPhone 5S, you still have new features to look forward to when you download iOS 7 for your device.

The new OS is compatible with the iPhone 4 or newer, as well as the iPad 2, iPad mini and the fifth generation iPod touch. Prior to downloading iOS 7 for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, make sure you back up the data on your device to iCloud or iTunes.

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