Apple’s Oct 22nd Media Event: Speculations & Predictions –



There have been many rumours afloat with only one day left until Apple’s next big media event. While there has been much speculation, Apple’s infamous secrecy means we can never truly know what will be unveiled until the official announcement. However, we do have a pretty good idea of which devices are due to be updated. The following is our summary on what we believe will be unveiled:


There has been the most speculation surrounding the iPad, with many rumours and even images of an updated device circulating online. We will most likely see reduction in weight and screen size to better match the iPad mini. We should also see the processor updated to the new A7X and a boost to ram. Lastly, the rear camera will likely get bumped to 8-megapixels with a larger aperture for better picture taking abilities.

iPad Mini

There is no question about it: Retina is what everyone wants to see in the iPad mini. A lot of users will surely be disappointed if Apple fails to add a retina display to their popular mini line. As with the iPad, we should see updates to the processor, most likely to the A7 chip that is already used in the iPhone 5S, and an update to improve the camera.

OS X Mavericks

This should be a given. With the GM (Gold Master: aka final) version being seeded to developers, Apple should be announcing widespread availability of their new operating system. You can find out all about it here.

Mac Pro’s

Apple’s most powerful machine is expected to be launched during tomorrow’s event. You can read all about this little beast here.


There have been rumours of a new Apple TV-related announcement. Whether it will be a complete television or an update to their top-set box, only time will tell.

Lastly, the MacBook Pro as well as their Mac mini line should be receiving a 2013 refresh to the latest Intel processors.

There’s not much left to the year but we’re still expected a lot from Apple. Let’s hope they deliver.

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